New Menu at Cafe Delhi heights

Cafe Delhi heights located in the quaint Cross-point mall has undergone a major overhaul both in terms of decor and the menu. To the delight of its patrons, some of the dishes are exclusively available at this outlet. This in itself is reason enough for the joint to be bookmarked by every foodie. A number of interesting dishes drew my attention and since its summer lets start with salads.

Panzanella- This  classic Tuscan salad can go wrong if the star ingredient i.e  bread turns mushy and there are just so many ways to facilitate this. However what we got was a warm salad with sauteed baby corn, zucchini,bell peppers topped with some crunchy crispy bread that makes it a good choice for a light supper.

Martina- Chunks of green apples juxtaposed with soft bocconcini and dressed with basil pesto, it's refreshingly healthy and the green and white colour palettes looks refereshingly summery

maftoul- If  I had to pick one favourite it would be this beauty. Couscous, quinoa, pomegranate, feta, the list of ingredients is staggeringly long, but all that matters is the tantalising  nutty, sweet, citrusy flavours that oozes from his pretty looking dish. 

Assorted sushi veg-  The new arrival on the menu is an assortment of  Yasai roll, Tempura, and Maki rolls and thankfully doesnt disappoint.

Himalayan thukpa- It's rare to find this delicacy from the mountains, which is noodles in a spicy broth and loads of vegetables and /or meat. This addition to the menu will definitely pull me back on a rainy afternoon very soon.

Home style stir fried asian greens- Sautéed greens with just the right amount of bite cooked in a spicy sauce and served with sticky rice , this was my favourite part of the meal.

Dessert of the day was Banoffee Pie and this cookie crumble, banana toffee combination can never go wrong.
What I like is the diversity in the menu and the portion-each dish can easily serve 2. this was definitely bang for every buck.