Cover Changing Bags by Lino Perros

Women love variety and that reflects everywhere, from our makeup,  hair do, clothes and even accessories of which shoes and bags are our major weaknesses . Like most other women , it’’s the bags that literally drain my bank account.So for those who want to look great without breaking the bank, Lino Perros is here to rescue you with their latest offering the” Cover Changing Bag”. With a self explanatory name like that ,needless to say this chic product  basically  gives you two bags at the cost of one with an easy change of cover..This is the kind of innovation that a fashion victim like me was looking for! It comes in 5 different designs with 2 colour changing options for each  and is crafted  from high quality leatherette.However ,It’s not just style but also the comfort factor that accounts for a bag’s appeal and this one is spacious enough to carry my regulars while making me look sophisticated.If this wasn’t enough ,there’s one more interesting detail - the fabulous beauty only costs INR 4995/-

1 bag 2 looks ,the aptly named “Cover Changing Bags” are available on  all leading ecommerce portals and for those who still prefer to touch and feel before buying just  hop into the nearest Central outlet.


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