Foods that raise platelet count

Platelets are that component of the blood that facilitate clotting and consequently prevent bleeding. They would have never received their share of limelight if not for the growing cases of dengue and the diminishing level of platelet in those patients and I’m no exception. With my platelet count hovering around a dangerous 41, I knew it was time to find out what will help me raise the level . This is what i found in my research ;

 Milk- This is a superfood and a powerhouse of nutrients. It also contains vitamin K and fibrinogen which is essential for blood clotting besides being a known source of calcium as well.

Pomegranate- this red coloured fruit is very high in Iron and that helps in raising platelets.150 ml of pomegranate juice for 2 weeks will dramatically raise platelet count.

Raisins- they can be had on their own as a snack and also make a good garnish  on anything from yoghurt to cereal. It is also very rich in iron and helps strengthen body.

Beans- they are a rich in folate or vitaminb9 which is essential in formation of blood cells. Folate can also be found in cereals and its recommended dose for a healthy adult is 400 mg per day.

Spinach, Mustard and Kale- these green leafy vegetables are abundantly found in winter season and make for a delicious source of vitamin k which facilitates blood clotting.

Carrot- They are abundant in vitamin A that helps in synthesis of platelets and hence  this orange fruit/vegetable makes it to the list. Juice it,chop it, soup it- carrots taste good anyway.

Papaya- the juice of papaya easing dengue symptom is a  proven phenomenon and not just old wives tale. So to prevent further fall in platelets and raise it level just  grind  some papaya leaves and extract the juice for consumption. If this is inedible , try eating ripe fruit, that works too.


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