Old Delhi food in the Millenium city !

Dining on the roof of a 5 star restaurant that serves food from the bylanes of old delhi even sounds as enticing as it actually feels. Westin Gurgaon offers  this  experience at Bara Darhi which literally translates in to 12 mats. In the bygone era ,Bara Darhi would be the place like a open square or a courtyard where everyone would collect to hang out in the evenings . The restaurant attempts to capture the essence of that lightheartedness and social spirit in its layout and ambiance.

Candle lit tables on a terrace overlooking the millenium city’s twinkling lights beckoned guests while the aromatic skewers of freshly grilled fare  tempt to indulge. The menu has actually been worked out with a traditional Purani Dilli Chef Umez Javed Khan and boasts of some downright authentic Mughlai dishes that are guaranteed to take your taste buds on a time travel journey. Because not only is each recipe authentic it also incorporates the traditional cooking techniques and spices which have been used over the ages for many generations by the Old Delhi Khansamas.
Although team of Chefs are not only from these traditional families of old Delhi but are each the specialists of one type of food and focus on the same to give the guests a full on authentic Purani Dilli experience.

What's more is the up close and personal feeling one gets with the live kitchen in such proximity were you can actually see the tandoor and other appliances in action. It creates a special effect and at the same time ups the appetite that much more. Anther special thing about this place is that it is open till the wee hours of 1:30 am and is ideal for someone looking to have a late night meal in style.

I was worried about hong hungry but surprisingly there was a lot to choose from, Paneer tikkas, Mushrooms, Paneer changezi and the breads that were a delight on their own.For a vegetarian the synonomity of Old delhi cuisine with meat may deter but here at Bar Darhi they care  - about the sanctity of cuisine, its history , flavours and even its herbivorous diners.

Where - Bara Darhi, Westin Gurgaon. sector 29, Gurugram