Pra Pra Prank- Restaurant Review


Sitting across the table with a restaurateur who knows every single ingredient of every dish served in his restaurant can be insightful as well as intimidating. While Inderjeet Banga passionately describes his newest baby Pra Pra Prank ,Jasmeet is busy supervising the kitchen. With this level of involvement from the owners, I sense I'm in good hands.
In an age where most people want to sell alcohol packages here's an establishment that flaunts its culinary experiments and impressively so. Everything about this place is clearly demarcated,boundaries set, expectations set and it reflects even in the ambiance. The dining area is separated from the bar and while I wasn't very impressed with the decor of the dining place ( plastic flowers are not my thing), the bar is definitely the most gorgeous one in the city. It's very euro chic with just the right eccentricity.

Onto the food part now, we kick started the evening with a puffsome, an interesting hybrid between a pastry puff and  dimsum strung with nori and filled with earthy mushroom. It was wholesome and nice but I wanted more, I wanted naughty too. Idli and melon in  salad sounded quirky and weird - this is what  I was here for! Cocktail idlis vying for attention amidst muskmelon and watermelon chunks doused with togarashi  spiced  mayo . Different flavors dancing on my palate- yes I'm getting in the mood.
Thai coconut soup is served in a bowl, that keeps it warm wile you slurp . The addition of almonds to the coconut milk adds depth to this subtly flavoured broth
Rainbow sushi is as attractive as it gets and while sushi is always a work of art here they go even further. rice is colored with beetroot juice, wrapped around fried crunchy veggies, cloaked in a slice of roasted bell pepper and then accessorized with onion tomato salsa, as dressed  as a woman on a friday night. But the test lies in the taste and this had just so many layers to savor , It's a performance that you can enjoy endlessly.

 Edamame and Shitake wrapped in crispy strands of  katafi make for a wonderful snack .Again katafi is not really the easiest of ingredients to wrap something in, but Pra Pra Prank  believes in  hard work and going the extra mile to please its patrons. Texturally balanced this is also an example of their creativity- combining edamame from east asia with kaitafi from middle east to win the diner's palate ;)
This place is meant for indulgence  and hence I went for not one but 2 dishes for my main  course.Assorted vegetables in Chilli Pepper sauce complement the  soothing , comforting flavor of  sauteed black rice . The pickled vegetables impart a kick and the fragrance takes it to another level.This is  unsophisticated and wild and makes me swoon.New age khowsuey  is a party on the platter with tons of ingredients and some of them not so conventional as expected. I'll stay mum here and let you discover the twists on your own visit. Standing taut on a bed of hummus are some batter fried spinach leaves. this version of the palak patta chaat has dahi infused hummus in addition  to the conventional components of a chaat. The effort put in to avoid the leaves from going limp shows and the khatta meetha flavors don't they just leave us wanting for more everytime?Did I mention this is a 24 karat gold chaat so don't miss the gold foil that it is garnished with.

Ferrero rocher a la Pra Pra Prank is an ode to every chocolate lover's favourite . I wish these glistening chocolate balls were available in bite size pieces and I could feel that chocolate filling slithering down my tongue to my throat-that would be pure ecstasy ,but till then one can share these giant sized , gilded chocolate delights and it's not just the flavors but even the plating is exquisite.
If only some things could last forever but then this is real life and not a movie, although I'm definitely going back to try some more of Chef Kaustubh's experiments.This guy is to watch out for!
As Inderjeet  Banga said, " I want to deliver an unique experience, not conforming to conventional categorizations, I want my food to be wild and experimentative. I wish to serve 5 star food at dirt cheap prices.My experience proves these words are not just well said but also well delivered !


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