Hot Stone Therapy at Aahana

 Being driven on  bumpy Indian country roads for 7 hours can be taxing to both the body and the mind. When the destination is a luxury resort that also offers therapeutic treatments then massage is a must. Thankfully the the doctor  at Aahana and me were both in sync and I got the green signal for Hot Stone Therapy.

It was around sunset that I walked from my room towards the therapy centre-swarm of birds flying back to their nests made a pretty sight and also relaxed my nerves, and surprisingly so did  the croaking of frogs in the ponds. There's something about Aahana -maybe the green pastures, or the clear air, or was it dusk- the place is perfect for therapy because of its soothing vibes .

Hot stone is an ancient therapy and incorporates the usage of basalt stones since they can retain heat for a longer period.The therapy starts with a light massage with some warm oil that prepares you for the stones. The stones are heated and I was afraid they might singe, however the touch of stone was actually very relaxing to the muscles. The therapists even  massaged my body with the stones in their  hand and my tired muscles were so grateful for this. This was the 1st time I had 2 therapists working on me at the same time but that was actually for good, their movements were coordinated and that resulted in an uniform process. After massage the stones are strategically placed on some key points and  left for a while.This facilitates movement of energy and clears blockage while  also promoting blood circulation.This a deeply relaxing massage that alleviated my stress and aches. This treatment also includes a fruit facial and head massage both with ingredients sourced locally and prepared in house.

The therapy was followed by shower and green tea. I felt refreshed and so energetic- the long drive was a distant memory and I couldn't wait to explore the place. During the course of  my treatment, I chatted up with my therapist and she mentioned how Aahana gave her an opportunity to be financially independent which makes her look forward to come to work everyday. So it's not just a wellness centre but a beacon of hope for the women in the village and that's just another reason why Aahana merits a visit.


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