R&R at SHankus Natural Health centre

Every now and then when the deep breathing and mindfulness exercises start losing their effect,, I need to take  a break from this madness called life and look within to recuperate and rejuvenate. Ahmedabad beckoned me again for my latest R&R therapy  at Shankus Natural Health  Centre which has been functional for 14 years .

Unlike  other fancy wellness centres, the rooms here are basic but spacious with every amenity to make your stay comfortable. Too tired to explore , I crashed into my comfortable bed and decided to go with the flow and wait for the next day for things to unfold. Come dawn and I was woken up for Shatkarma before taking off for my Yoga class. Simple stretching exercises that were customized keeping one’s physical condition in mind instead of stressing them with complicated contortions. All abuzz with the dopamine dose from yoga , it was time to move on for hydrotherapy walk to the  lake surrounded by vast expanse of green . I don’t know whether it was the peacocks strutting, birds chirping, walking in water or that pleasant drizzle, I felt one with nature and totally at peace till my stomach rumbled for food which I shall talk about later.

At Shankus ,Dr Chirag takes various aspects into consideration before prescribing therapies. I rarely meet alternative healers who can correlate ancient techniques with western medicine and chalk out a middle path which is done successfully here. The therapy rooms are awash with sunlight and natural breeze . Every minute detail from ingredients, to strokes to timing is taken into consideration during therapies.An extensive menu offers the choice of Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Balinese, Thai and even Cosmetic therapies An impressive fact about this property is that the therapists are all locals and have been working since the time of inception-  and in addition to healing its clients- Shankus also offers a source of livelihood for people residing in the village, how noble is that ! Their efficacy can be judged by the fact that they have repeat clients who’ve been here multiple times .

Wellness is an all inclusive approach to health and a major part of this constitutes of  what’s ingested . Here regular grains are replaced by healthy substitutes.. So expect lot of Bajra, Jowar, quinoa and if you think that’s boring you are so mistaken. The menu itself will send you into a dizzy with its tempting , innovative offerings- quinoa in burrito bowl, desserts with seeds and nuts and no sugar, Bhakri Pizza, dhoklas , Khakra sandwich,moong dal pankis etc.Keeping naturopathy principles in place- they use rock salt and absolutely no sugar.

With such attention to details , Shankus definitely does   justice to its holistic wellness tag without breaking the bank. The flipside is that it's addictive and like the other people I met there I’m sure shall be returning  too !

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